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Why Invest in Routine Asphalt Roofing Inspections?

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Having a healthy, durable roof on your home is important for many reasons. First of all, your roof is the main part of your house that protects the rest of your home's structure. If your roof is leaking or damaged, your home's entire structure is put at risk for damage.
Secondly, roofs are an expensive investment that you should maintain: the average high-end roof replacement costs around $30,000, although the national average rests just over $7.000.
Routine roofing inspections of your asphalt roof by a licensed roofing contractor benefit your home in many ways. Learn why you should invest in routine roofing inspections for as long as you own your home.
A Roofing Inspection is Affordable
The national average cost for a roofing inspection is around $217, although you may pay more or less for this service based on the age of your roof and where your home is. A roofing inspection typically involves the following services:
  • Gutter and downspout inspection
  • Structural inspection of shingles
  • Additional roofing materials inspection
  • Heat loss inspection
You can request additional services during your inspection, including infrared inspections to determine a more accurate heat loss calculation of your home. Call your roofing contractor for an estimate on roofing inspections to find out how much an inspection will cost for your home.
A Roofing Inspection Discovers Small Flaws
A roofing inspection is designed to not only ensure your current roofing structure is sound, the inspection reveals small flaws in your roofing materials or design that can potentially become more expensive problems.
Your roofer will watch for signs of damage or age in your asphalt roof, including peeling or crumbling shingles, missing shingles, loose sealing around vents and chimney exits, and other signs of damage.
If minor damage is discovered during a routine roofing inspection, your roofing specialist may be able to fix your roof during the inspection itself. Or, your roofer will assess the total damage to your roof and schedule a follow-up visit to make the needed repairs. Keep in mind that small repairs are an additional cost but are much cheaper than whole roof replacement.
A Roofing Inspection May be Required
If you wish to refinance your home or switch home insurance companies, having your asphalt roof inspected is often a requirement. Lenders and insurance companies want to know that your home is structurally sound and safe before lending money or taking on the risk of insuring your property.
Getting your roof inspected annually allows you to prepare for financial changes on your property. Furthermore, if your roof is damaged in a storm or due to another unfortunate circumstance, you are more likely to have cooperation with your insurance company for repairs if you can prove your roof was wellmaintained and approved sound by a certified roofing specialist up until the accident occurred.
Keep in mind that a home inspection is not the same as a roofing inspection. Your roofing specialist will check off the safety and durability of your roof that you can keep for your home's records. With the right care and maintenance, your asphalt roof can last upwards of a few decades.
Your roofing specialist will let you know when it's time to replace your asphalt shingles (new shingles can be placed on top of old ones if your current roof is relatively sound) so your roof lasts longer. Speak to a roofing specialist about how often your roof should be inspected.
Keeping your roof in healthy condition is best for your entire home. Call our team of roofing specialists at Whittle's Roofing Co. Inc for all your roofing needs. 
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